Dental Implant FAQs

What are dental implants?Dental implants

Big Bend Oral Surgery offers a marvelous alternative to a gapped, dysfunctional smile. It's called the dental implant, the most natural-looking and functional tooth replacement option healthy patients can receive. In Tallahassee, FL, Dr. Steven Bryan offers single and multiple dental implants to restore the chewing and smile power people deserve. Plus, the entire procedure happens right in the office.
The amazing implant
It's made of three parts:
  • A titanium metal cylinder or screw which Dr. Bryan inserts into the jaw during a simple surgery
  • A metal alloy abutment which extends above the gums
  • A porcelain crown bonded onto the abutment to optimize appearance and oral function
Your dental implant takes some weeks to months to fully fuse to the jaw, but when it does, the strength and durability closely mimics that of a real tooth. Because titanium and human bone are attracted to each other, the bone literally wraps around the implant through osseointegration.
Traditional prosthetics, such as fixed bridgework, do not meld with the bone and require support from neighboring teeth. Conventional dentures may slip and provide less than optimal speech, chewing and biting because they just rest on the gums.
In fact, as soon as a tooth is lost, jaw bone and gum tissue recede. However, through osseointegration and dental implants, jaw bone strength and size are preserved and actually improve each time the individual bites and chews on the implant.
The process
To receive one or more dental implants in Tallahassee, Dr. Bryan examines the patient's teeth and gums and takes digital X-rays and a CT scan. The gathered information shows the dentist if the jaw bone is sufficiently healthy and sized to receive an implant.
If it not, most patients still may receive implants after Dr. Bryan adds donor bone or other augmentation material to the empty socket. After some healing time, the site is ready to be opened and the implant inserted.
After implant placement, the patient must wait for the bone to fully heal. Then, he or she returns to Big Bend Oral Surgery where the site is re-opened and the abutment and post bonded in place.
Now it's your dental implant
So you must take good care of it, just as you do your natural teeth. Care involves:
  • Keeping implant crowns and metallic parts clean with daily brushing and twice daily flossing
  • Seeing Dr. Bryan at Big Bend Oral Surgery for six-month exams and cleanings
  • Avoiding gum infection and implant failure by quitting all tobacco products
Learn more
Through a dental implant consultation at Big Bend Oral Surgery in Tallahassee, FL, Dr. Bryan and his team can answer all your questions about this tooth replacement. You could be one of the thousands who enjoy better personal appearance and lifelike oral function through dental implants. Call Dr. Bryan's office staff today to arrange your appointment:(850) 878-7101.

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